Practice sessions

Plan your practice sessions and manage the attendance of your players

Plan all the practice sessions of the season for your teams. Players are automatically added to these sessions. You can also schedule recurring sessions and sessions with multiple teams.

Main practice sessions

Players can easily see their next sessions and view the details. They also have the ability to easily change their presence for future sessions and even indicate an explanatory comment.

Practice sessions card 2

Trainers can easily check the list of players in advance. They have access to the list of all future sessions and can add themselves a manager. Trainers can also add notes and write a training program accessible to players.

Practice sessions card 3

As trainer, keep an eye on the attendance rates of your teams. Check the month-to-month evolution of the attendance rate and compare it with the annual average.

Practice sessions evolution

Get detailed information on the recent attendance of your players. The data is grouped on the last sessions and on all the season. It can be convenient to see if a person is a bit down needs to be reboosted !

Practice sessions attendance rate