Manage the minimum skills evaluation of your freshmeats, communicate via discussions and organize your season through a shared agenda.

Are you training new recruits ? Our Minimum Skills Tracker is there for you ! Just make a list of minimum skills to evaluate (or use the WFTDA list provided by default) and you can easily track and evaluate the evolution of your freshmeats !

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There is sometimes nothing better to organize than a good old exchange of ideas between people. Trackkarma allows you to create discussion threads where everyone can express themselves and give their opinion, without having to go through an external social network.

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Thanks to the shared calendar, you can quickly have a view of all the practice sessions and upcoming matches in your league ! It is also possible to create normal events to organize the life of your league, for example a team activity.

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Aside from teams, Trackkarma allows you to gather several members of your league within groups, according to your needs. You will be able to exchange links and start discussions with the people concerned !

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