Plan future games, check your players' availabilities and prepare your roster.

A game is coming ? Add it to Trackkarma to centralize all the information about it. Schedule, location, results, do not waste time looking for scattered information, everything is on Trackkarma !

Main games

Fed up with polls on social networks to know the availability of each player ? With Trackkarma, a poll is created automatically for each game to easily know who is ready to play.

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Bench crew members have access to a variety of tools to make their lives easier, and at a glance they can view the status of players' attendance at the latest practice sessions. They can also create game rosters and export them.

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Trackkarma allows you to synchronize your team's information from Flat Track Stats. You can easily import all the games of your league and thus view your games history. You'll also have access to some data from Flat Track stats directly on Trackkarma !

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WFTDA Statsbooks are a real gold mine but can sometimes be difficult to read.Trackkarma gives you the ability to upload these Statsbooks and view them in a readable and enjoyable way via clear charts and graphs.

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